Why Dominion's Time and Attendance is Key to Your Success

A quality Time & Attendance software is instrumental in managing a successful business. You can save money and reduce your workload immensely. In Why Dominion's Time & Attendance Software is Key to Your Success, you'll learn how with Dominion's Time & Attendance you can tailor your schedules, grace periods, rounding rules, and leave management to your exact preferences. You'll also see that having a single-source solution means your hours flow directly into payroll, so no more dual entry between platforms is necessary and you can trust that wages are paid accurately.
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What's In the eBook?

The phrase “Time and Attendance” can be applicable to virtually any job, but what does it mean exactly? 
Learn how Time & Attendance benefits business owners.
Time & Attendance greatly assists HR professionals.
Management will benefit from the ease of tracking hours.

Chapter List

Chapter 1 Timekeeping Methods
Chapter 2 How Timekeeping Feeds into Payroll
Chapter 3 Timekeeping Policies
Chapter 4 Value of Time & Attendance Software
Chapter 5 The Department of Labor Changes